Burnshields, Hydrogel and Sachets

Burnshield Multi Pack

If you are treating burns then you need to know you are using the most effective burns treatment available – Burnshield.

Ideal for all Emergency Response vehicles.

2 x dressings (10cm x 10cm)
2 x dressings (20cm x 20cm)
2 x dressings (60cm x 40cm)


Burnshield EasyCare Burn Kit

For burns relating to domestic workplace and outdoor environments.

2 x dressings (10cm x 10cm)
1 x dressings (20cm x 20cm)
3 x Hydrogel Burn Blott Sachets
3 x Sterile Plasters
1 x Gloves (pair)
1 x Scissors (pair)
1 x Surgical Tape
2 x Proform bandage 3cms


Burnshield Hydrogel Bottle (1.7oz)

Immediate effective treatment – soothing cooling relief for burns, scalds and sunburn Provides a protective barrier and prevents the burn progressing through healthy tissue and causing more damage.


Burnshield Burn Blotts Sachets x 10


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Protecting the Occupier and the Assets